I am easily impressed. I am also very persistent. For example, when I am impressed by the deliciousness of something like a 100-yen ice cream for sale at the convenience shop, I tell everyone I know about it over and over. And like a fool, I eat it again and again. The cheaper the price, the more impressed I am. But this isn't a form of self-analysis, the reason I'm writing about this is that I'm pretty sure my character has something to do with the work I am now doing.
Here's what I mean:
I am impressed by a work of art. -> I want to tell somebody about it. -> But it's very difficult to explain (I'm not good at it). -> Well, all I can do is show it to other people. -> Once they see it, they will understand. This is how it works. And this is how I started to stage exhibitions of the interesting artists I stumbled on.
Why didn't I find work introducing delicious foods and restaurants?
I think it's because the encounters I had with contemporary art dramatically changed my life.
Like a baby bird whose instinct is to think the first thing it sees is its mother, I tend to treat contemporary art the same way. I stick persistently to it.
I hope this character will work to my advantage here at LOg.

Born in Osaka in 1969. Independent curator.
After graduating from the Art Department at the Kyoto City University of Art, I worked for about two years in a design office. I starting curating exhibitions due to a mixture of coincidence and inevitability. From 1996 to 1999, until leaving for the Netherlands, I worked at the contemporary gallery, Art Space Niji, as an assistant and acquired a working knowledge of the art system in Japan. In the Netherlands, I studied some more. For about six months, I trained at the World Wide Video Festival (Amsterdam). After returning to Japan, I curated the "Kyoto x Amsterdam New Directions" exhibition.
In the spring of 2002, the exhibition traveled to the Netherlands. At present, I am mainly researching film works, while organizing film showings and exhibitions. I have also started working as a curator for the Record, Expression and Medium Organization, an NPO in Osaka.