2005.2.10 / vol.32
Meet up with scene-makers. Make conversation. Catch a glimpse of the faces behind the names.
vol.47 : Nakamura Kikaku
In April, at an event titled "Naniwa Hanagata Kabuki," which will be performed by a kamigata-style cast at Osaka's Shochiku-za Theatre, three famous, kamigata kyogen plays will be featured in a production by W Cast. We had a chance to catch up with Nakamura Kikaku, who in the third part of the production plays one of the leads, Kawachiya Yohee, in Chikamatsu Monzaemon's Onnagoroshi Abura no Jigoku (The Woman Killer and the Hell of Oil).
field trips : Something is always starting somewhere. Learn to recognize the tell-tale signs with a number of proven methods.
Kayon's Osaka: On the Trail of Hidden Treasures
Is noh really something to get so excited about?!
You bet! (Hanagata Noh Festival)
A report, based on field research, examining cultural trends as they gain momentum in Osaka.
A regular day becomes interesting when something out of the ordinary occurs. Read the popular series by log's director on everyday life with contemporary art, traditional performing arts and current fiction.
Long Interview vol.03 Franck Bragigand Part 2 text / Nov Amenomori
The charm of Osaka is something that can't easily be expressed in words.
But moving pictures and sound should help convey what the place is all about.
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