In December 1995, a member's-only screening room was created in the Umeda district of Osaka as part of the Planet Film Library that was launched by Yasui Yoshio in June 1974.

It all started when Tomioka Kunihiko, who had been working as a screenwriter in Tokyo, decided to relocate to Kansai. Exactly seven years have passed since then. Usually scheduled on the weekend, Cinematique is different from movie theatres open to the general public and boasts a unique selection of films. Most of the staff are volunteers and the space has become a favorite haunt for people with a special interest in movies and younger people who are involved in making them. The bulk of the films and other materials housed in the library, which is well known both to Japanese and foreign people working in the industry, are part of Yasui's personal collections.
There is no way of knowing exactly how many have been viewed either privately by Yasui himself or in an organized event. Tomioka is also quite a connoisseur of movies, and to his already impressive list of credits, he has recently added lecturer of film history at a vocational school.

The two of them seem to be perpetually youthful film fans. Over the last few years, by providing equipment and a place to show films, Planet+1 has received attention for its work supporting productions by aspiring young people and as a production company in its own right. Of special note is the first production by the director Kinoshita Atsuhiro's No One's Ark, who received support from Planet which enabled him to finish his film this year and is now doing pre-production work for his next work for a commercial enterprise. In addition, the showing of work by young directors at Planet led to a special showing made up of works called "Planet Osaka" as part of The Age of Independents program at the 26th Hong Kong International Film Festival, bringing the local film community widespread acclaim both inside and outside Japan. It will be interesting to see where the group, and these budding directors, go in the future.