Cafe Q/Baby-Q Dance Studio

Ajien Bldg. 2F, 2-3-9 Sennichimae, Osaka
Cafe Hours: Tue., Wed., Thu. from 20:00;
Fri., Sat. from 21:00 (Closed Sun. & Mon.)

There is a building called the Ajien in Sennichimae. As the name suggests, the place is full to bursting (?) with eateries. Is this a well-known place to the people to of Osaka? Around the beginning of 2002, a club called Macao, produced by the VJ Betaland, opened in the basement of Ajien. Along the same lines, on May 7 at the end of the Golden Week holidays last year, Cafe Q opened on the second floor of the building. One of the people behind the cafe, Yoko, is also the leader of a dance team called Baby Q. This led, at the same time, to the opening of the Baby-Q Dance Studio. The cafe opens its doors at night. The atmosphere is different according to the time. But the things that go on there are many and various. Tawashi first came here to see a live concert. There is a DJ booth inside, a small gallery where all sorts of different events are held and a boutique corner. It is also known by the name, drillchop cafe. This is because Yoko, a woman called Yuka and her partner, Jhon, have an electronica band called drillchop9. They perform both in Japan and abroad, mainly at club events. The range of their interests goes far beyond a single genre. The geographical area they cover is also wide - this is evident from a glance at the many fliers in the cafe's information corner. It's as if the space itself is enjoying all of the interesting things that happen there.

Not only that, but the menu at the cafe changes daily and the food is quite satisfying. An effort is made to maintain an original taste, the Q-style, and in particular, Yoko's, who says her family runs a cake shop, handmade sweets should not be missed. This is a place where tastes of many types can be savored. Just over one year has passed since the cafe at last opened...what developments can we look forward to in the future?